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Slow designer is slow.
medicine wheel
lynedd wrote in raven_knits
I don’t know now that I’ll get Viola out before Easter. I may be able to get her out for Easter, however…

Not sure where the mental block is with this one, truely. …and that’s all it is; a mental block. She’s all but finished, just needs a bit of last-minute chart juggling, some photography, and a pattern blurb. But I can not seem to get motivated for these things. Time to dig in and get my “do it anyway” doggedness into play. Tomorrow the man’ll be entertaining a gem cutting buddy, so I should be able to comandeer this computer at least part of that time.

It’s a good thing I’m not trying to actually make a living at this P)

Meanwhile, I seem to have become project monogamous. I’m working on my iteration of Dragonfly Wings to the exclusion of all else. Most unlike me! Honestly I think it is, at least in part, because my craft corner is so messy right now I can’t really see what else I have on the go, or get to it without shifting an embarassingly large pile of yarn. …so this weekend will be a Stash Inspection and Airing, Cataloging, Photographing and Flashing weekend. Saturday is my window of opportunity as it is predicted to snow today, and rain on Sunday…

I think today I’ll do an initial “take all the bags of yarn downstairs” mini-clear of the craft baskets, though. …and maybe I’ll find the remainders of my Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist which appears to be MIA…


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