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I am dreaming about temperate rain forests…
medicine wheel
lynedd wrote in raven_knits
Figures that I am starting to look ahead to a dk-weight shawl when the weather here has definitely turned to spring (18C on Thursday - wtf?). …but with Viola close to wrapping up and releasing (next weekend, folks, that’s what I’m aiming for; release next weekend), I am itching to get back to Tsuga. She’s responsible for a fair bit of yarn shopping recently, even though I have stash yarn on hand I could use for her. Oops?

I even have a couple of testers already lined up. I might possibly make this a less public test, as I think Tsuga is unique enough that I could get her considered by Knitty, but I’m honestly not that private a person. So I’m undecided on that - I have another idea that could go to Knitty, too, which might be a bit more versatile in terms of multiple sizes. Tsuga I’m only releasing in one size, written and charted. I personally am finding less that holds my interest in Knitty, but I know that site still drives a lot of traffic, and a release there would give me exposure to a larger market and give them a taste for how I write patterns. Which, I think, is rather important.

Once Tsuga sees release, I’ll start taking out add space on Rav. glee fear excitment nerves

Meanwhile, it’s so warm now I really wonder if it is worth casting on for fingerless gloves for the boy. Who needs glovies in summer? Particularly worsted weight glovies? So that’s pushed back for the time being. Maybe I’ll work out something lighter weight in the mean time. After all, designing something now doesn’t mean it’ll be releasable now - I’ve figured out that much, at least!

One more shift to work before my “vacation,” and I can turn my attention to my one true love…

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I'm glad to know you're over here. I looked up your pattern on Ravelry (just a search, as for the life of me I can't think of my password right now). It's lovely.

I think if you make gloves now that he'll have misplaced them by the time it's cool enough again to use them ;^)

My knitting has been sadly neglected of late. Mostly trying to get my garden in shape before it gets hot. And I'm learning the banjo!

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