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Well, that was annoying...
medicine wheel
lynedd wrote in raven_knits
Some day, some days are a marvel of fate and fortune and planning. Some days hum along like nothing could possibly go wrong, and the Universe smiles.

Today? Today was not one of those days.

Today was supposed to go
- add written instruction to charts
- turn charts into .pdf
- email .pdf to testers
- go to LYS and wind yarn
- get oil change
- come home for lunch with the man
- put on movie after lunch, cast on shawl

…but what I wound up with was
- add written instructions to charts
- turn charts into .pdf
- CutePDF fails, try again
- send .pdf to tester, realize file is corrupted
- turn charts into .pdf
- realize chart format cuts charts off six columns from the end
- reformat charts
- turn charts into .pdf
- realize written font is too small to read now that the columns are small enough for the charts to fit on the page
- flail
- eat box of chocolate, as it’s three hours past lunch time
- mail .pdf with written instructions contained in the body of the email, ‘cause dammit I am mailing this today, but I am NOT opening the gdamned exel file again
- resend emails several times as I keep forgetting to include the attatchment
- growl at the kid who’d been expecting some cozy Mama time over hotchocolate, ‘cause I’m frustrated and havn’t eaten anything in 6 hours except coffee and chocolate
- go out and get an oil change
- come back and pour a generous slug of rum into my hot chocolate

I don’t know if I should attempt to hand-wind my lace yarn and cast on tonight, or give it all up as a Bad Idea. …because this feels like the day that my skein of yarn will snarl like there’s no tomorrow, and I don’t know if I really want to tempt fate any further.

BUT! But. Emails are sent to at least half the testers, and hopefully someone is happily casting on for Viola this evening. Even if it’s not me…


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