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Pinball Knitting
medicine wheel
lynedd wrote in raven_knits
It’s the bouncing from project to project such that none of them get done. I’m really struggling with this right now; I’ve given myself a few too many “ought to do” assignments and nothing makes me lose interest in a project like thinking I ought to be working on it. …it’s also symtomatic of mental burn out, and it’s been one heck of a month for working too hard…

So what’s on my many, many needles right now that is “shoulding” at me? Two Violas. One Tsuga. Second sock for the youngest. Afghan for the eldest. New Romi shawl. Previous Romi shawl. A really odd sideways knit shawl. …and a hooded blanket poncho. …and I am fighting to keep from casting on another Tsuga, a Yáahl (shawl), and a sweater (either Sleipnir or Gulltoppr) for my man. Oh, and I’ve ordered yarn from my LYS to start another Camden for myself.

I also have a scrap yarn blankie waiting, but it’s waiting for me to use specific yarn so it’s not clamouring for attention particularly…

…so what do I do, when I’m home and have some time to work on these things? I surf Ravelry. Because a large part of pinball knitting is avoidance.

I’m going to push the release of Viola back; I’m taking a week’s vacation in March, starting on the 12th, so I’ll have time to really work on and finalize the charts and pattern lay-out then. It’ll also give my testers who’re running into RL issues a bit more time to work on their projects. I know at least one has hers off needles, but some others are struggling. Heck, I am struggling!

I think that today I’m going to take a look at my knitting baskets and really consider what I want to be knitting, as opposed to what I think I ought to be knitting. Because this is supposed to be relaxing, right? …not another source of obligation stress? Right.

Time to make some choices about priorities.


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