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On the eve of turning 46…
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lynedd wrote in raven_knits
I cast on my year-long project last night; an afghan for my eldest son from a Patons booklet I purchased years ago. I have a romantic notion of giving it to him when he moves out of the house, as a “mother’s hug” he can snuggle into when he is alone (or with a girl, or boy, or what ever turns his fancy); I don’t know whether that’ll work out, though. He may move out before it is done, or it may be done long before he moves out; these things do not have firm timelines, after all.

I do hope to be able to give it to him for Christmas this year. Never mind that I’ve been hoping to give him a blanket for Christmas since he was 16…

Running into trouble with my Viola test personally, not because I can’t knit the pattern but because I’ve already knit the pattern a few times and I’d like to work on something different now thank you. Disadvantage to designing is having to make samples in multiple sizes. …well, I suppose I don’t have to, but I’d like to, kwim? But we’ve cancelled our trip to see the in-laws today due to weather (it’s snowing for my birthday - thank you, weather gods!) so I’ll be able to ‘slot a movie’ and spend some cozy time knitting on it today.

It doesn’t help that one of my friends has just handed me an idea - y’see, I have two skeins of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in one of the ‘Raven Clan’ colourways that has been in my stash for almost three years now. I really need to knit it up this year, but I’ve been looking for a pattern that looks like the wings of a bird, and I just havn’t found one. I’ve seen several that come close, but not quite…

I guess she is right - I’m going to have to make it up myself. …add it to the list P)

This weekend I’ll be re-writing the charts for Viola again, to put them into alphabetical order, and I’m going to have to start hammering on the written directions soon, too. It’s going to be a massive file to print out by the time I’m done, and I feel a bit badly for that, but what do you do, y’know? I suppose I could release a charts-only version, but I know of far too many knitters who don’t/won’t read charts, so that limits my purchasing audience. So.

Onward. Because none of this will knit itself, so I had best get to it.


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